What Can Skin Imaging Do?


Skin imaging is an important tool physicians can use to evaluate a variety of moles and other skin lesions. Precision in the imaging process means better comparison of photos from one appointment to the next. This allows physicians to detect even subtle changes in moles and lesions so that further evaluation can be done at an earlier time for some patients.

It also gives dermatologists and plastic surgeons the opportunity to take before and after photos of treatments to use for educating prospective patients. High quality photos are the first step in demonstrating procedures to new patients and giving them an accurate idea of what they can expect in terms of results. FotoFinder’s skin imaging system offers a number of features and benefits that can help you take your evaluation process to the next level.

FotoFinder Medicam

The best images begin with the best camera for the job. FotoFinder’s Medicam features precision optics made in Germany to provide you with the best photos for tracking skin lesions. The camera can increase magnification up to 70x, with automatic focus at each magnification for accuracy in all of your imaging. The camera is completely guided by the integrated software, taking the guesswork out of the imaging process and ensuring consistent photos with every use.

Universe App

In addition to the software-guided camera, the Universe app provides you with customized treatment templates that can be dragged directly onto the photos you produce. The app also allows you to manipulate the photos by zooming or panning to give you the best view of the lesion in question. You can also write directly on the photo, using arrows or other features to highlight areas of interest for the patient. When the Universe app is used for demonstrating before and after photos of cosmetic treatments, a black bar feature is also available to hide the patient’s eyes for privacy.

Dynamole Software

When the purpose of skin imaging is to compare a current lesions to baseline images, Dynamole software provides you with the support you need to make those comparisons as accurate as possible. Dynamole software allows you to make an exact comparison of a lesion over the course of time, evaluating size, shape and color. Earlier detection of possible changes means earlier assessments may be performed and earlier treatment if warranted for a better outcome for patients.


Precision and accuracy are only part of the equation when you are striving to provide the highest level of care to your patients. Convenience and efficiency must also come into play, which is why FotoFinder developed the Handyscope. The Handyscope is the first dermatoscope that attaches to a mobile device, allowing you to take your evaluation tool to any location in your office. You can evaluate moles directly on your smartphone screen as the small camera takes images with magnification abilities up to 20x.

Caring for your patients is your top priority and our tools allow you to take your patient care and service to the next level. When it comes to skin imaging, FotoFinder’s unique features allow for accuracy, precision and convenience not seen with other dermoscopy tools today. To learn more about our products, contact FotoFinder at 888-501-0805.