FotoFinder Aesthetics Face

FotoFinder aesthetics face features high resolution imagery with 180 degree full face photography, and is designed to deliver outstanding, consistent photos by any user in your practice. The chin rest can be easily removed for pictures of the chin and neck. The PolFlash system provides consitent illumination. Print beautiful, personalized reports to educate your patients on how your practice can enhance their aesthetics!


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Create impressive treatment and product plans with FotoFinder Proposer!

Skincare products are an important revenue generator in every aesthetic practice. FotoFinder Proposer boosts your consultations and helps selling more products and treatments making your system even more versatile. Highlight treatment areas on your clients’ photos and select your recommended procedures with simple drag and drop functionality. Choose from your customized product database the best skin care products and print a personalized report in high resolution on glossy photo paper for patient presentation. Who would resist your proposal?


UVscan Sells Cosmetic Treatments

FotoFinder’s UVscan software module reveals a patient’s sun damage at a glance by converting digital color photos of the face into impressive monochrome images. It’s simple, fast and does not require additional UV-photo equipment. Run the UVscan on face, neck, hand and arm photos and let the image results encourage skin rejuvenation treatments. Age spots, freckles and hyper-pigmentation are visualized dramatically—who could resist your proposals for younger looking skin?


FotoFinder Universe iPad App

Speed up the workfl ow in your practice with the Universe iPad app. The app provides image access at your fi ngertips in any consultation room. Comfortably sit together with your patients to review images and create a detailed treatment plan directly on the app. Review before and after images at follow-up consultations so patients can see the results for themselves. This relaxed method of consultation will motivate your patients to proceed with treatments, enhancing both conversion and compliance.


Easy Image Capture Process

Simply follow FotoFinder’s Guided Photography onscreen templates and capture full face photos quickly and easily. Let FotoFinder determine the best camera settings and lighting, and receive consistent, repeatable images even when taken by inexperienced users. Every photo is automatically labeled and stored in a patient database for effortless retrieval.


Show the Success of Your Treatments

Aesthetics Face will help make your clients aware of all your practice’s treatment options and help generate more patient-driven referrals. FotoFinder’s Ghost feature delivers consistent follow up photos to accurately track the progress of procedures. Show your clients their improvements with side-by side comparisons and impressive procedure reports they can take home and share.