Introducing the modern hair consultation

Comfortable, precise and non-invasive!

In a modern hair consultation, it is important to be able to objectively assess the causes of hair loss and the success of treatment. Patients demand solid evidence before making a decision to commit to a treatment and they require measurable results .

The hair consultation with FotoFinder offers inspiration and concrete information for patients. 

FotoFinder has an easy three step process that can be performed by an assistant: First, capture a set of high quality trichoscopy images. Second, upload the images to TrichoLAB. Last, receive a detailed trichoscopic report for a professional consultation.


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Trichoscopy - the better way to evaluate hair disorders!

Trichoscopy is a method of hair and scalp evaluation and is used for diagnosing a large number of hair and scalp diseases. Trichoscopy is also suited for qualitative and quantitative treatment monitoring. FotoFinder Trichovision systems are leading in trichoscopy and backed by the support of multiple experts in the field of trichoscopy.

Saving time and precision:

Tools for modern hair consultation

TrichoLAB Service

Outsource complex measurements, save time and benefit from the experience of leading hair specialists: The TrichoLAB service makes it possible!

Trichoscale pro Analyse

Analysis of all important hair parameters from anagen telogen rate to follicular units, and density to thickness. Precise and painless for patients!


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