The New FotoFinder Aesthetics Bodystation II

Battery powered mobility for a busy practice.

The FotoFinder Aesthetics Bodystation became a standard for before and after photography in the aesthetic industry over the last several years.

Now, FotoFinder introduces the Bodystation II our most mobile photography system we ever developed. The new Bodystation II features a powerful Lithium Ion battery to power essential components of the machine allowing several hours of uninterrupted photography without the need of a power outlet.

No photo room? No Problem!

The true mobility of the unit and durable construction make it a photography work horse that can be easily moved between rooms. The sleek modern design and small footprint make it virtually fit in any stylish aesthetic practice. The built in laser liner projects a red line on the floor for patient positioning, effectively eliminating the need for an old school floor mat or tape marks. Simply charge your Bodystation overnight to be ready for the day ahead. *

Impress your patients with consistent photos of your aesthetic work!

The aesthetics Bodystation II is a photo system for documentation of fillers, neuromodulators, laser treatments, IPL, body sculpting, fat reduction, laser vein treatments, sclero therapy or any other cosmetic procedure or skin care treatment. FotoFinder's Guided Photography virtual patient shows the specific patient poses and areas to get the highest quality images of your aesthetic treatments. The camera position can be easily adjusted in height for face, neck, body or leg photographs. Once a photo is captured, the system shows automatically the next position, allowing your staff to get all pictures you requested as quickly as possible. Every photo is automatically saved with the treatment, shooting date, localization and aspect for quick and effortless retrieval of all photos for marketing activities, presentations or research. The aesthetics Bodystation II is not only a brilliant photo system but a platform that offers great features to empower your social media presence, marketing and consultations. For maximum versatility, the Bodystation II system is capable to capture photos with the built in camera flash, good ambient lighting or with external studio lighting.

*Battery Lifetime may vary depending on the selected power plan. System must be plugged in for printing.


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Create impressive treatment and product plans with FotoFinder Proposer!


Skincare products are an important revenue generator in every aesthetic practice. FotoFinder Proposer boosts your consultations and helps selling more products and treatments making your system even more versatile.

Highlight treatment areas on your clients’ photos and select your recommended procedures with simple drag and drop functionality. Choose from your customized product database the best skin care products and print a personalized report in high resolution on glossy photo paper for patient presentation. Who would resist your proposal?

Consistent Follow up Photos - Spot on!

The Aesthetics Bodystation is equipped with a Laser Liner that projects a red line on the floor for patient positioning ensuring consistent distance between the camera and the patient at baseline and follow up. To capture accurately follow up photos, the camera is easily moved to the same level as at baseline and FotoFinder's Ghost feature displays the original baseline photo on top of the live video feed. Same distance, same camera position, same lighting, same patient pose - inconsistent follow ups are a thing of the past!

UVscan - Promote your Cosmetic Treatments

FotoFinder’s UVscan software module is a great tool to promote your aesthetic treatments. Utilize your images to promote your skin rejuvenation treatments effectively and improve your conversion rate.

FotoFinder Zoom Ring - Lock in the right focal length

The unique FotoFinder Zoom Ring takes consistent before and after photography to the next level. When taking photos of face or body, the focal length (zoom) on the camera lens needs to be adjusted. The ZoomRing makes it easy to find the right setting with its precision integrated stopping points and color coding. In order to proceed to the next template, the software verifies if the correct setting is being used, providing immediate quality control for the best possible picture.

Guided Photography – The Key to Standardized Skin Imaging

FotoFinder’s onscreen Guided Photography templates assist anyone on your staff to quickly and efficiently capture full face or body images. Choose from a large variety of photography templates for different procedures that display step-by-step onscreen instructions. FotoFinder’s virtual patient shows your staff the treatment-specific patient pose and body area to be photographed. Every photo is automatically labeled and stored in your database for effortless retrieval. When it comes to using a comprehensive and user-friendly imaging solution, FotoFinder’s Bodystation sets the gold standard.

FotoFinder Universe iPad App

Speed up the workflow in your practice with the Universe iPad application. Directly access your complete database of images from anywhere in your office, for viewing, editing and comparison. Quick snapshots can be taken and are automatically archived in your FotoFinder database. Multiple iPads can simultaneously access your pictures securely through your personal WiFi. Comfortably sit together with your patient to review images and create a detailed treatment plan. This relaxed method of consultation will motivate your patients to proceed with treatments, both enhancing conversion and compliance.

FotoFinder Battery Core

The new rechargeable FotoFinder Lithium battery powers the camera and Laser Liner while the laptop operates in battery mode. A convenient battery indicator clearly displays the charge status with blinking LED lights making it easy to see when it is time to recharge. If you have a power outlet easily accessible you can certainly operate the Bodystation while it is charging your battery and laptop.

FotoFinder aesthetics Bodystation.

Brilliant before & after photo documentation of face & body. 


aesthetics Bodystation Specifications

System Dimensions: L 25” × W 22” (32” with extracted mouse pad) × H 70”; Weight: 117lbs
System ships fully assembled; Box Dimensions: L 30" × W 30" × H 76"; Shipment Weight:180lbs

As aesthetic providers, we sell results. Those results can only be shown, and standardized with a high end system like FotoFinder.  There isn’t a day that goes by in my practice that I am not so grateful I made the investment in this system. It was the first thing I bought even before I opened up my practice, and the only real significant investment at first. It has paid for itself 1,000 times over. I honestly don’t know how anyone practices without one.

Dr. Leslie Fletcher, Torrance, CA