Setting the Pace in Digital Dermoscopy

The benchmark in digital dermoscopy just got pushed to a new level- medicam 1000s with D-Scope IV.

Medicam stands for excellence in video dermoscopy and still amazes the best dermatologists worldwide.

Our camera masters bring you the newest generation, Medicam 1000s, housed with an elegant black design.  The new design has combined brilliant quality and superior usability in a lighter body all optimized to match the precision of the new D-Scope IV.

The Medicam 1000s with the new D-Scope IV pushed the benchmark again to a new level. Twin light technology allows white light and polarized Dermoscopy with the same lens. The intuitive control panel on the back lets you toggle between the different lighting modalities. Optical magnification from 20x up to 140x with auto focus on every level offers you the clearest picture you have ever seen. The detachable lens makes the Medicam even more versatile. Capture great clinical images, global views and close ups with this handheld camera. The integrated ring light and the spacer enable consistent photo documentation of difficult to reach areas.

The optional D-scope III lens for super high magnification Dermoscopy offers magnification up to 400x. 


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Easy to connect

medicam 1000s connects with the elegant docking station to all types of USB ports.

Precision optics

Variable optical magnifications. Live zoom with autofocus. Bright LEDs for brilliant macro and panoramic images.

Immersion & Polarization

TwinLight for easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light. Quick-change tip for contact and non contact dermoscopy.

Intuitive Controls

Intuitive software control through the rear control panel.

Outstanding Image Quality

Extra large chip with Full HD CrystalView technology shows more details. Crystal clear, high-contrast, brilliant!


Spacers for impressive clinical images

medicam 1000s. Shiny on the outside. Masterfully built inside.

The medicam 1000s offers spectacular sharpness in video dermoscopy and surpasses its predecessors and rivals in image quality and performance.


FotoFinder medicam 1000

The new benchmark - Far ahead

Sharpest Full HD quality

with optical live-zoom

German engineered precision lens for variable

Magnification up to 140x

Intuitive software control

through the control panel on the back

Masterfully Built

for superior durability in everyday use

Durable & Versatile

Closed, open and conical tips can be quickly exchanged

Ergonomic handle 

for perfect grip 

FotoFinder's D-Scope Lenses

D-Scope IV. A new view of the scalp.

Medicam Configurations

The Medicam can be used as standalone or in combination with the ATBM Master or TrichoVision system (Not available for sale in Canda)

FotoFinder medicam® 1000

The new benchmark for video dermoscopy.

The magnification of medicam is just fantastic! It provides clear images of great quality. This is why I chose FotoFinder Systems.

Dr. Balachandra S. Ankad MD, Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, S. Nijalingappa Medical College in Bagalkot, Karnataka, India