The Future of Skin Imaging


Skin imaging is used for many things by dermatologists and plastic surgeons today. Keeping photos of patients before and after treatment allows your patients to see their results in a much more precise way. In addition, quality images help you convert new patients by giving them an accurate idea of what they can expect from your services.

At FotoFinder, we are committed to helping you raise your level of patient care and service through innovative technology and all the tools you need to use that technology to the full benefit of your practice. Our imaging products take the guesswork out of the photography process and gives you a myriad of options in using those images to your fullest advantage. One of our products that physicians find particularly useful and patient-friendly is the Universe app.

Benefits of the Universe App

The FotoFinder Universe app integrates with our other imaging products to give you the versatility of reviewing images with patients in a more casual format. Instead of standing over your patient while staring at an oversized screen, you can sit down together and go over images on an iPad. You can view, edit and compare images in a comfortable environment, with all the tools you need at your fingertips to give your patients a thorough understanding of procedures and the results they can expect.

The Universe app allows you to zoom and pan images easily to show patients specific treatment areas in detail. Templates can be set up that you can drag into the photo to show treatment recommendations. You can also draw directly on photos or highlight treatment areas to help patients see and understand the results they can expect from their procedures. Drawing tools include lines, arrows and even a black bar to hide patients’ eyes for privacy sake.

Intuitive, Secure

The Universe app is intuitive to use, allowing you and your staff to adapt to the new system relatively seamlessly. All photos taken with the FotoFinder system can quickly and easily be pulled up on any iPad or even more than one iPad at a time if that is more convenient for you and your patient.

Images are never stored on the iPad, instead they are kept securely in the FotoFinder database.

Easy to Integrate in Your Practice

In an industry that is constantly evolving, it can seem overwhelming to bring yet more new technology into your office for you and your staff to learn. However, FotoFinder’s products, including our Universe app, are both easy to learn and use and promise to increase the efficiency of your office and the quality of your patient care. Intuitive and self-guiding, your staff will be able to adapt to the new equipment seamlessly and will soon wonder how they ever managed without it.

Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other physicians that offer cosmetic procedures need the best imaging technology to give their patients the most accurate idea of what to expect from treatments. Whether you are selling a new patient or ensuring a current patient is completely satisfied with their treatment, the right imaging software can make all the difference.

To learn more about FotoFinder’s Universe app or our other imaging products, contact a member of our team today at 888-501-0805.