FotoFinder TrichoVision

Technology and Service for Your Hair Consultations

FotoFinder’s Unique Solution for Trichoscopy

Physicians that treat hair loss of all kinds now have an innovative new tool to assist them in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. Trichovision® from FotoFinder sets new standards in hair loss quantification, providing the best data to help physicians offer the most effective treatment options. Easy to learn and use, Trichovision is helping physicians take their patient care to a higher level by providing comprehensive information without any hair sampling required.

FotoFinder’s Trichovision® will enhance your hair consultations in a variety of ways. This innovative technology delivers brilliant trichoscopic and clinical images to give your patient an accurate view of the extent of the hair loss. The system also provides integrated diagnostic support through the exclusive TrichoLAB service, which offers a detailed analysis of the condition of the hair and follicles. This information helps physicians make an accurate diagnosis of hair loss and recommend the most effective treatment options. The system also offers comprehensive analysis functions for detailed hair diagnostics, including the digital trichogram.

TrichoVision® can also be combined with the Mediscope Bodystation, Dermoscope Studio or Bodystudio ATBM.

FotoFinder Trichovision® at a Glance

  • No clipping, dying or hair sampling required
  • Unsurpassed quality and unmatched accuracy in trichoscopy
  • Direct link to the TrichoLAB evaluation and second opinion service
  • Extensive measurement and analysis functions
  • Calculation of hair density, thickness and follicular units
  • Digital trichogram with in depth reports through TrichoScale Pro

Use of FotoFinder’s Trichovision® can be effective on many levels in your practice, from marketing to diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions that lead to hair loss. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists that offer hair restoration treatments as a part of their practices find Trichovision® and all its supporting features invaluable in their practices.

High Quality Imaging for Accurate Diagnostics, Effective Treatment
TrichoVision® makes painful Trichograms and biopsies a thing of the past. Trichovision® includes a special camera – the Medicam 1000- for digital trichoscopy with the highest accuracy. Leading hair scientists rely on this type of analysis.

FotoFinder TrichoVision® is not only a system for digital trichoscopy, it also gives you access to the leading Lab for trichoscopy evaluations. FotoFinder teamed up with TrichoLab which offers analysis of your photos for a small fee. Without clipping and dying and no biopsy, you get the most relevant parameters such as hair count, hair shaft diameters, follicular unit count and a second opinion about the hair disorder of your client.

No more painful and time consuming plugging of hair.

TrichoLAB is an invaluable diagnostic support tool for physicians, offering second opinion capabilities without inconveniencing the patient. Nearly all hair disorders can be detected by TrichoLAB without the need for clipping and dyeing hair.

TrichoScale Pro is an optional program for single spot evaluation which is great for clinical trials as well as diagnosis of hair cycle disorders. FotoFinder Trichoscale pro software allows the determination of the Anagen Telogen ratio and quantification of the exact dimension of hair loss or hair growth.

Features of Trichovision®
Trichovision® is a comprehensive system for hair loss diagnosis that includes the following features and components:

Medicam 1000 Camera
FotoFinder’s Medicam 1000 features magnification up to 140X without compromising the accuracy or clarity of the image. The precision lens allows for viewing scalp structure, follicular units and individuals hairs for the best diagnostics possible today. LED lights ensure even illumination of the treatment area to better visualize the condition of the scalp and follicles. The camera is controlled by the integrated computer software for consistent imaging every time.

Trichovision® transfers images directly to TrichoLAB, where they can be assessed by a team of professionals. These experts will analyze your images and provide you with detailed measurements and evaluations, saving your practice significant time. In addition, the second opinion factor from TrichoLAB increases the accuracy of your diagnostics so you can recommend the best possible treatments for all of your patients. Follow up evaluations allow you to quantify hair growth and improve patient compliance and therefore ultimate outcome of your treatment.

Trichoscale Pro
The Trichoscale Pro software module is offered as an option with our Trichovision® for physicians that want to expand their diagnostic abilities. Trichoscale requires that a small evaluation area be clipped down and dyed before the image can be captured with FotoFinder Medicam 1000. The tool provides an instant count mode for immediate calculation of hair count, density, vellus to terminal ratio and vellus to terminal density. 48 hours after clipping, the program is able to calculate the anagen telogen ratio which helps with differentiation of telogen effluvium and androgenetic alopecia. It also provides quantitative data for hair growth through hair regimen.

Universe iPad App
The Universe iPad app allows you to access trichoscopy photos from any iPad in your office for viewing, comparison and editing. Thanks to the iPad app you have all patient photos used for the diagnosis of hair disorders at your fingertips when you see a patient for consultation or follow up. The integrated iPad camera offers a convenient option to capture photos during hair restoration procedures and have those photos wirelessly archived in your FotoFinder database. The FotoFinder Universe iPad app adds to the convenience and efficiency of your patient care.

FotoFinder’s Trichovision® is taking hair restoration treatments to the next level, making it an essential tool for plastic surgeons and dermatologists incorporating this service into their practices. From the marketing of your diagnostics and treatment to the ability to illustrate conditions and treatment plans to your patients, FotoFinder offers the best technology in the medical industry. To learn more about Trichovision® or the other diagnostic tools we provide, contact FotoFinder at 888-425-1833 or by completing our contact form.