FotoFinder Medicam 1000

Precision Optics Made in Germany

The gold standard for digital dermoscopy. Full HD live brilliance in screening and follow-up examinations.

The new FotoFinder Medicam 1000 offers the sharpest images in digital dermoscopy and surpasses medicam 800HD once again in image quality and performance. A new chip with CrystalView technology offers even more detail in each pixel and better image sharpness in Full HD: crystal clear, rich in contrast, spectacular! The stronger zoom optics of the camera provide an even higher optical magnification with a continuous live-zoom. See the full resolution already live during the screening! Powerful, computer-controlled LEDs allow brilliant macro and panoramic pictures of skin, hair and nails.

Key Features of Medicam 1000:

  • Full HD brilliance with CrystalView technology
  • Continuous optical live-zoom with autofocus
  • Perfectly suitable for dermoscopy of skin, hair and nails
  • Variable magnification up to 140X
  • Dermoscopy with immersion or optional polarization
  • Floodlight illumination and spacer for brilliant overview images
  • Intuitive control via control panel on the back of the camera
  • Special attachments for fluorescence diagnostics and capillaroscopy
  • Developed for Dynamole Moleanalyzer, Trichoscale and TrichoLAB Service
  • Suitable for all standard USB-connections
  • Suitable for multi-user installations