FotoFinder Mediscope Selective

Brilliant Photos of Face, Body and Legs with Full iPad Integration

The Economic Photo Studio to Improve Your Photo Room

FotoFinder Mediscope Selective includes all the core components of a professional photo documentation system for virtually any aesthetic, medical or surgical procedure such as injectables, facial rejuvenation, body contouring, skin tightening or leg vein procedures. FotoFinder Guided PhotographyTM is the key to professional and consistent before and after photos.

The camera and computer are connected, and FotoFinder shows you onscreen how to position the patient and the area to be photographed. Just point and shoot, it’s that easy. The camera does not need batteries or a memory card as it transfers the captured photo immediately and is powered by a regular outlet. The camera slides up and down the stand, with stopping points every two inches to capture the best photos from the best angle. Large 4” lockable castors make it convenient to move the stand around the room.

The Mediscope Selective stand features the unique Laser LinerTM for consistent patient baseline positioning and follow-ups: the laser displays a red line on the floor showing the patient where to stand. It also assures consistent distance between the camera and the patient, even when you move the system; no floor mat is required. FotoFinder’s camera settings allow facial and body photography without extra, bulky lighting equipment making it the most convenient and easy-to-use system for consistent medical photography.

Space requirements for Stand: 26″ x 28″