4 Things Your Practice Needs to Book More Hair Consultations

4 Things Your Practice Needs to Book More Hair Consultations

Hair restoration has become a large source of revenue for many dermatologists and plastic surgeons today. Now, you can take hair consultations to the next level, using the non-invasive Trichovision tools from FotoFinder. Our technology allows you to get a thorough assessment of a patient’s hair loss using state-of-the-art digital imaging and comprehensive analysis instead of clipping, depilation, and biopsy. The technology even comes with access to instant diagnostic support, giving your patients the most convenient and accurate method of diagnosing their hair loss and recommending the best treatment options for them.

Four Components to Success

Trichovision offers four basic components that work together to make your hair consultations a precise and positive experience for your patients:

Medicam Visualizes

The FotoFinder medicam 800HD features a patented micro-lens that provides 20X and 70X magnification capabilities. Software fully controls the camera settings for consistent images with every use. This camera allows you to take precise photos of the treatment area quickly, with the ability to provide extensive analysis and calculations for diagnosing and treating a variety of scalp conditions.

TrichoLAB Service

Before you can recommend an appropriate treatment, you must have an accurate diagnosis. The TrichoLAB service provides you with the diagnostic support you need to improve the efficiency of the process and increase patient confidence in the prescribed treatment protocol. TrichoLAB features state-of-the-art image analysis without the need for hair sampling. Digital capture allows for assessment of treatment progress over time, so your patients can see in detail whether their treatment is working as promised.

Hubert Lacki, operations director for TrichoLab explains that their service is based on trichoscopy procedure, the only true non-invasive method for diagnosing hair loss. The procedure may be used to diagnose nearly any type of hair loss and monitor therapies to determine effectiveness. Our experienced trichoscopists verify every examination result with a second diagnostic opinion. In addition, TrichoLab has received ISO certification, the highest level of information and PCI data security standards, so your patient information will remain secure with us.


The Trichoscale offers a painless way to accurately quantify hair loss and is a useful tool in diagnosing both androgenetic alopecia and diffuse effluvium. Once a small area of hair is clipped and dyed, the Medicam captures the image for assessment by the Trichoscale. Through this revolutionary software, a professional report is printed that may include a measurement of follicular units, hair count optimization function and other useful data to diagnose and treat hair loss with precision not seen with other diagnostic tools.

iPad Integration

The Universe iPad app allows you to access before and after photos right on your iPad, making it easier than ever to share your findings with your patients. The app allows you to zoom and pan on photos and draw on them to highlight treatment areas. You can even add a black bar to hide patient’s eyes so you can share the photos with other patients and professionals without compromising patient confidentiality. Access to the app is also password protected to ensure patient privacy.

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women today. There are many factors that can impact hair loss, and understanding those factors is essential to making a proper diagnosis and recommending the best possible treatment plan. With Trichovision from FotoFinder, you will be equipped with all the tools necessary to accurately diagnose many different scalp conditions without invasive procedures requiring hair samples and biopsies. In addition to the non-invasive nature of Trichovision, this advanced technology allows for precision and accuracy in diagnostics not seen in hair loss treatment prior. Make quick, accurate diagnoses so patients can begin treatment as soon as possible. To learn more about this amazing system, contact FotoFinder at 888-501-0805.