Total Body Photography & Dermoscopy

FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM

The First Automated Skin Cancer Screening System of Its Kind

Total body photography is the best way to track potential changes in moles and lesions for early detection of possible skin cancer. However, the process has traditionally been cumbersome and time-consuming – until now. FotoFinder’s Bodystudio ATBM system takes total body photography to the next level, making it faster and more accurate for every patient in your practice.

The Bodystudio ATBM system can take total body images (four sides, palms and soles) in about four minutes. Users simply enter the patient’s height, position the patient according to FotoFinder’s advanced Guided Photography template and the camera will do the rest. The camera is designed to move up and down automatically, while taking consistently illuminated photos with the ATBM BodyFlash lighting system.

Bodystudio ATBM at a Glance

The Bodystudio ATBM from FotoFinder offers the following features and benefits:

  • Produces consistent images with every use for precise comparison
  • Does not require any special photography skills
  • Automatic comparison assists in monitoring changes
  • New moles and lesions can be quickly identified
  • Medicam 1000 takes precise dermoscopy images

This computer-aided method of identification of changes and new moles cannot replace the medical method of diagnosis – it should only be used as a support system. However, the computer is capable of drawing the doctor’s attention to unusual lesions, which may not have been observed previously.

Fully Automated, No Special Skills Required

The fully automated process does not require any special photography skills and guides the user through the entire photo mapping procedure. The device is easy to learn and use, giving everyone in your office the ability to take the same high-quality photographs that raise your standard of care for your patients.

In addition to the automated process, the system provides a laser liner and special floor mat to ensure consistent patient positioning with every photo. When taking follow-up photos, a ghost image of the previous photo will appear on top of the live video image to ensure the patient is properly aligned for the most consistent comparisons.

Features of the Bodystudio ATBM

There are a number of unique features of the Bodystudio ATBM that enhance its ease of use, as well as the consistency and accuracy of the photos taken:

ATBM Technology
The Bodystudio ATBM controls all camera parameters and moves the camera automatically up and down on the studio stand to capture four photos of each side of the patient. The integrated technology in the Bodystudio ATBM system automatically stitches patient images together to provide a full view with reduced redundant areas. The system then automatically compares baseline and follow-up images and tries to identify new lesions or changes to current ones. Suspicious lesions can be quickly marked for follow up by the physician to determine the next course of action in the diagnosis and treatment process.

Bodyscan Software Module
This feature circles the moles and lesions that were detected during the baseline and follow-up scans and tries to identify new lesions or changes to current ones. The Bodyscan results are immediately available after completion of the photo session and can be displayed with a single click for all body areas. The physician can zoom in on certain lesions on both photos simultaneously without losing focus to determine the extent of changes more precisely. Those specific moles and lesions can then be identified and marked for further examination.

Dynamole Software Module
This software module is specifically geared to assisting in the detection of malignant melanoma as early as possible. The program was created with the specific objective of making a precise comparison between the size, structure and color of a lesion over time. This diagnostic aid can help alert the physician to subtle changes that might warrant further examination.

FotoFinder Medicam 1000
The specialty camera – Made in Germany- offers the ability to take both clinical and microscopic images. The FotoFinder Medicam 1000 offers the sharpest images in digital dermoscopy. CrystalView technology shows even more detail in each pixel and better image sharpness in Full HD. The camera provides brilliant dermoscopy images from 20X to 140X magnification with auto focus for every magnification level.

Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics
This all-in-one imaging solution combines automated total body mapping, digital dermoscopy and consistent baseline and follow-up photos of aesthetic treatments for the most precise comparisons available today. The Bodystudio ATBM is the top of the line imaging system available. Adding the Aesthetics software and UVscan module makes it the most versatile system for any medical and cosmetic practice.

FotoFinder Universe Pro iPad App
Never before has it been easier to access, edit, and compare patient images from your database. The Universe Pro app used in conjunction with the FotoFinder software, allows you to access your before and after, total body and dermoscopy photos from any iPad in your office. The convenient availability of saved photos of skin lesions during the skin exam allow quick comparison of a baseline image to the live patient right then and there.
Use of an iPad makes also the cosmetic consultation a much more comfortable and personal experience than viewing patient photos on a large screen.

FotoFinder’s Bodystudio ATBM includes every possible feature necessary to take your patient care to the next level. With the ability to take consistent photos and compare them with unsurpassed precision to baseline images, you will be better equipped to note changes to moles and lesions that might warrant further examination. To learn more about the Bodystudio ATBM, contact FotoFinder today at 888-425-1833 or by completing the contact form at the left.

System Specifications
System weight: 157lbs