The Next Generation of Automated Mole Mapping Systems - The New FotoFinder ATBM master

Total Body Mapping and Dermoscopy become now Total Body Dermoscopy

The evolution of revolution

The ATBM master reinvents Automated Total Body Mapping.  FotoFinder’s revolutionary RAW image processing and cross polarized lighting allows visualization of skin at spectacular image quality!

The ATBM master offers a new, streamlined workflow which saves significant time in comparison to traditional Total Body Photograpy enabling physcians to offer skin imaging even in busy practices. 

The ATBM master captures high-resolution, cross-polarized photos in RAW image format for superior image quality. The proprietary computer controlled PolFlash XE offers cross-polarized lighting to eliminate glare on medical skin images and studio lighting for aesthetic treatment documentation. The integrated medicam 1000s camera enables providers to capture outsanding dermoscopy photos.


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Mosaic View

A smart way to look at patient's skin.

True video dermoscopy with medicam 1000s


Seamlessly integrated Full HD video camera with CrystalView technology and optical live zoom.
Directly linked overview and micro images.

Mobile ATBM tower with automatic camera lift

Automatic camera lift for even faster imaging and durable FotoFinder high-performance quality hardware.

Easy to Use Interface

Guided Photography Templates make it easy to standardize photography.

High resolution images with PolFlash XE

High resolution camera system with the proprietary PolFlash XE xenon flash. RAW-processed whole body photos, cross-polarized and non-polarized.

Powerful Q-Processor

The heart of the ATBM master, the Q-Processor powers all features to ensure maximum performance.

Total Body Dermoscopy

Powered by Innovation

Automated total body mapping with the ATBM Master can be done in less than three minutes and can be easily integrated in a dermatologic practice. The automatic camera lift moves the high-resolution DLSR camera to the right levels and snaps several photos of each side of a patient in quick sequence. Individual spots are tagged by the physcian for Dermoscopy imaging. At follow up visits sequential follow up photos can be compared on-screen by the provider. 

Using the "two-step method of digital follow-up" with total body mapping and digital dermoscopy, the Medicam 1000s camera - Made in Germany at FotoFinder’s headquarters -  provides excellent dermoscopy images from 20X to 140X magnification with auto focus on every magnification level. It’s detachable lens D-Scope 4 allows high quality clinical imaging, making the Medicam 1000s even more versatile. The D-Scope IV with twin light for allows polarized dermoscopy and non-polarized dermoscopy.



(ATBM Master and Medicam1000s are not available for sale in Canada)


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