handyscope pro app

The Trinity in eDermoscopy

New Session

The first choice for a quick workflow. Start recording images and create a new session in an instant. 


Gives you the possibility to manage all your sessions and assign them to a patient. Once a session is assigned to a patient, you can start a follow-up session in the patient list.

Second Opinion Service

Gives you an overview of all open and closed cases in which you have requested an evaluation from our dermoscopy experts.



Our powerful training platform where you can compete against FotoFinder AI and find up-to-date information about events or contributor programs.


All your recordings in one non-patient related overview. 

The Academy

Train on Dermoscopy and compete

The Academy is a training tool for physcians. Learn from a large variety of dermoscopy photos and see how well you perform . Note: This feature is not available in all countries.


Second Opinion Service

by leading dermatolgists

If you want an extra pair of eyes to help use the Second Opinion Service and get a second opinion from a renowed dermatologists. 

Image Management

in the Cloud

The cloud based FotoFinder Hub offers secure access to your data from any device and provides secure backup for your data. The highly reliable web storage keeps all information and images at your fingertips. 

Credits & Plans

Flexible pricing options

Choose from a wide array of pricing options and find the plan that suits you best. Top up your credits and redeem them for the Second Opinion Service. 



Smart Devices

The mobile handyscope devices have been designed to be the ultimate eDermoscopy tools for any smartphone or tablet.


handyscope pro

eDermoscopy App

Explore our new, most comfortable, flexible and truly mobile app solution for dermoscopy.


FotoFinder Hub

Cloud Service

Unleash the potential of eDermoscopy with the most powerful, flexible and intelligent cloud solution FotoFinder Hub.