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Glass Faceplate

The practical snap-on glass faceplate for contact and non-contact dermoscopy is stable, removable and easy to clean.

Illumination/ Wireless Control

At the touch of a button you switch between polarized, non-polarized and clinical illumination or use a wireless connection. 

Charge Indicator

The charge indicator signals the battery status on four different levels via LED.

Multitasking champion

Suitable for most devices

The innovative attachment technology allows for the compatibility with any smartphone or tablet.

DermLite Premium Quality

Built for your longest day

The DermLite handyscope® smartphone dermatoscope has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate tool specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. Compatible with most Apple or Android smartphones or tablets right out of the box, the innovative device allows for DermLite-quality polarized & non-polarized dermoscopy and even clinical images illuminated by an on-board ultra-bright LED.

Compatible with your Device. And your Life.
Attaching Handyscope to your smartphone’s or tablet’s protective case is easy. Simply clamp the included MCC™ adapter over your device and attach Handyscope; its integrated magnets achieve a secure hold. Or, stick one of three adhesive steel rings to the back of your device, as long as its back is not glass.



Smart Devices

The mobile handyscope devices have been designed to be the ultimate eDermoscopy tools for any smartphone or tablet.


handyscope pro

eDermoscopy App

Explore our new, most comfortable, flexible and truly mobile app solution for dermoscopy.


FotoFinder Hub

Cloud Service

Unleash the potential for a world of eDermoscopy with the most powerful, flexible and intelligent cloud solution.