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Unleash the potential of the cloud for eDermoscopy

FotoFinder Hub is your cloud platform to synchronize your images from the handyscope pro app to your online account. Store images and data in your personal online account securely and not on your smartphone. Manage multple devices in your cloud and control access rights of individual users in your group. Use advanced functions such as image comparison or personalized print reports all in one convienient account.

FotoFinder Hub and Handyscope Pro - your HIPAA compliant eDermoscopy solution

FotoFinder Hub

Cloud Service

Securely access your entire FotoFinder patient list on the handyscope pro app or the FotoFinder Hub. Enter and manage patient data and sync your photos between your devices and your cloud account.

Patient Management

eDermoscopy Solution

Synchronized patient management: Store your patient data in one central place, sync to your handyscope app and keep full access from anywhere in the world – reliable and HIPAA compliant. 

Second Opinion Service

by leading Dermatologists

FotoFinder Hub is your gateway for the FotoFinder Second Opinion Service. Request a second opinion from a team of experts and receive a response usually within 24 hours. The report is automatically saved in your Hub account and can be downloaded securely as a PDF document.

Report Printing

Clear and convenient

Images can be easily selected and processed into a PDF report. With the PRO plan, the report can be even personalized with a header, clinic data and logo. For a clear and professional summary of the examination results! 

Image Comparison

Visualize the difference

Select two images for side-by-side comparison of lesions with extensive pan and zoom features.

Teledermoscopy Private Group

Setup your own expert network

FotoFinder Hub can be licensed as a platform for teledermatology projects for private user groups. A physician could review images taken by other physician within a clinic, differnet providers can upload their images for review by one or several experts in their practice.

Plans & Prices

choose from four packages

FotoFinder Hub provides different payment plans according to your personal requirements.

The free TRIAL Plan allows you to upload and organize up to 100 MB of images - completely free of charge. The STARTER Plan is the solution for you, if you mainly use the FotoFinder Hub as a backup solution for your handyscope data.

The recommended PLUS and PRO Plan provide additional features and more space for image uploads. 

Users can easily upgrade plans to the next level or cancel at any time. Payment is processed automatically every month on your credit card.


for Second Opinion Service

The FotoFinder Second Opinion Service is billed by a credits which can be activated in your FotoFinder Hub account.

After initial activation purchase credits either directly in the handyscope pro app or in your FotoFinder hub account. All major credit cards are being accepted.


FotoFinder Security. Security is our concern.


FotoFinder Hub processes all data using Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL).

Individual Privacy Settings

FotoFinder Hub is a password-protected platform, which prohibits profile and group information to appear on internet search engines. 

Data Storage

FotoFinder Hub user administrative data and patient data are stored separately for increased security. (Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256).

Secure Data Centers

FotoFinder Hub stores all uploaded data on servers which are located in high security facilities with 24/7 surveillance and access control.

Secure Backups

FotoFinder Hub data is regularly backed up by managed backup processes. All backup data is encrypted similar to the original data. 

Password Security

FotoFinder Hub login passwords must meet standard complexity requirements. 

Audit Logs

Sophistcated audit logs monitor user access and any alteration operations on ePHI data.

Intruder Protection

FotoFinder Hub servers are secured by managed firewalls, anti-virus protection and host intrusion detection. 


Smart Devices

The mobile handyscope devices have been designed to be the ultimate eDermoscopy tools for any smartphone or tablet.


handyscope pro

eDermoscopy App

Explore our new, most comfortable, flexible and truly mobile app solution for dermoscopy.


FotoFinder Hub

Cloud Service

Unleash the potential for a world of eDermoscopy with the most powerful, flexible and intelligent cloud solution.