The Only All-in-One Imaging Solution


When it comes to arming your practice with the tools to provide the highest level of patient care, consider the Bodystudio ATBM from FotoFinder. This device offers multiple benefits, providing you with one more tool to evaluate and compare skin lesions. When it comes to examinations checking for potential changes and malignancies, the Bodystudio ATBM is a must for dermatologists and plastic surgeons today. Check out these unique features of the Bodystudio ATBM to determine whether this is the right device for your practice.

Combined Functions

In the past, comparing follow-up scans to the patient’s baseline was a somewhat subjective process that relied on the observational skills of the physician. The Bodystudio ATBM offers combined functions to raise the level of your evaluation process and help you to detect possible changes to moles and other types of skin lesions as early as possible. This device combines total body mapping, dermoscopy and consistent before and after images of both the face and body in a single platform, giving you and your patients the most efficient assessment process today.


Despite its multitude of functions, this streamlined device is also completely portable, allowing you to move it through your office to accommodate your staff and patients. The lockable castors on the bottom of the device make it easy to mobilize from room to room as your patients require diagnostic services. Everything you need for mole mapping and consistent photo documentation is included on this single platform device, enhancing your office efficiency and your patient care.

Medicam 800HD

The Medicam 800HD features a micro lens that allows optical magnification in up 70X. All levels of magnification offer auto focus to take the guesswork out of your photography efforts. Adaptations are available for raised lesions and lesions between fingers and toes, so you can get the same precise images with a single camera. The camera is also completely automated through software, giving unprecedented consistency to all your imaging services.

Laser Liner

The Bodystudio ATBM also includes a laser liner in the platform that ensures consistent patient positioning for the best possible images. This tool allows for identical positioning at both baseline and follow-up imaging to ensure comparisons are as accurate as possible. The purpose of the tool is to provide the precise location for the patient to stand for imaging to ensure an equal distance between the patient and camera with every examination.

Saves Settings for Future Follow-Ups

Baseline images are saved into the device, allowing you to compare those images to patient follow-ups in the same platform. Using the tool, you are able to measure and assess the images, giving you one more tool that can help you identify potential changes or new lesions. Everything is saved into the system, making it easier for clinicians to review and compare files quickly. The Bodystudio ATBM gives you all the tools you need in a single platform for providing the best skin assessments possible. Your patients will appreciate the efficiency of your examination process and the ability to see the comparison of their images allows them to be active partners in their health care decisions. To learn more about the Bodystudio ATBM by FotoFinder, contact our office today at 888-501-0805.