Support in the diagnosis of non-melanoma skin tumors

Actinic keratoses and basal cell carcinomas are often not clearly visible to the naked eye. Fluorescence Diagnostics (FD) is an excellent method to detect and distinguish non-melanoma skin tumors from healthy skin. Furthermore, it is possible to check after the treatment whether the tumor has been completely removed.

Fluorescence diagnostics with the FotoFinder FDlens

With the FotoFinder special attachment, the FD can be perfectly integrated into your practice or clinic workflow. FD requires the use of a photosensitizer. The special illumination of the FotoFinder lens causes the porphyrins enriched in the tumor cells to shine and makes the lateral extent of the tumor clearly visible.



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Easy to use at daylight, without the need of further accessories

Thanks to the opaque special attachment of the FotoFinder FDlens you can work at daylight, without additional equipment.

Differentiation of non-melanoma skin cancers from healthy skin

White and violet LED diodes make it possible to store a color image first and then a fluorescent image on the same scale within seconds.

Before PDT:

After PDT:

Practical hint

Fluorescence diagnostics is recommended
before any Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).
If areas fluoresce over a wide area, this
indicates an enrichment of porphyrins
and thus tumor tissue.