The Next Generation of Automated Mole Mapping Systems - The New FotoFinder ATBM master

Total Body Mapping and Dermoscopy become now Total Body Dermoscopy

The evolution of revolution

The new ATBM master reinvents Automated Total Body Mapping as Total Body Dermoscopy.  This new world benchmark for digital skin cancer screening and early melanoma detection enables the assessment of dermoscopic structures of moles directly on full body photos. FotoFinder’s revolutionary RAW image processing and cross polarized lighting allows visualization of skin lesions at spectacular image quality, without the use of a dermatoscope!

Powered by FotoFinder Artificial Intelligence, the ATBM master offers a new, streamlined workflow which saves significant time in comparison to traditional Total Body Mapping and sets a completely new, unprecedented level of quality!


The ATBM master captures extremely high-resolution, cross-polarized photos in RAW image format for superior image quality. The proprietary computer controlled PolFlash XE offers both cross-polarized lighting, eliminating glare on mole mapping photos and studio lighting for medical imaging as well as aesthetic treatment documentation. Zoom in on total body images and evaluate skin lesions immediately and take skin exams to the next level with the integrated medicam 1000s camera for best in class dermoscopy photos.

Mosaic View with Bodyscan master

The tile view of all identified lesions on one single screen sorted according to their relevance.

True video dermoscopy with medicam 1000s


Seamlessly integrated Full HD video camera with CrystalView technology and optical live zoom.

Directly linked body maps and micro images with lesion history at a glance.

Truly mobile ATBM tower with automatic camera lift

Automatic camera lift for even faster mappings and durable FotoFinder high-performance quality hardware.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To optimize Total Body Dermoscopy results and to assess lesions with the Moleanalyzer pro AI Score.

Super-high resolution images with PolFlash XE

High resolution camera system with the proprietary PolFlash XE xenon flash. RAW-processed whole body photos, cross-polarized and non-polarized.

Powerful Q-Processor

The heart of the ATBM master, the Q-Processor powers all features to ensure maximum performance.

Total Body Dermoscopy

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The ATBM master uses FotoFinder’s unique AI for global view evaluation and dermoscopy image evaluation. The AI powered Mosaic View organizes all detected skin lesions for the provider to identify changes, new lesions and “ugly ducklings”. Moleanalyzer pro supports physicians in the analysis of dermoscopy images and risk assessment of melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin lesions with one of the most powerful AI algorithms that has been evaluated in clinical studies (Man against Machine, University Hospital of Heidelberg, Annals of Oncology 0: 1–7, 2018).

The Mosaic View – identify the “Ugly Duckling”

FotoFinder’s Mosaic View is a new way of reviewing total body photos. The AI powered Bodyscan automatically evaluates all photographs while they are being captured. All identified lesions are marked and extracted from the total body photos. The Mosaic View displays all identified lesion on a single screen and arranges them by relevance. New and changed lesions are immediately highlighted and “Ugly Ducklings” can be quickly identified and tagged.

Because the goal is not just early detection of skin cancer, but its earliest detection!

The evolution of revolution

FotoFinder invented the ATBM procedure. The new ATBM master makes Total Body Dermoscopy possible for the first time. The combination of the “whole skin” imaging procedure with artificial intelligence and novel software functions for the visualization of lesions will lead to improved diagnostic accuracy.

Moleanalyzer pro®

Artificial Intelligence in the assessment of lesions

The new FotoFinder Moleanalyzer pro brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) directly into your practice. In recent years, the neural network of Moleanalyzer pro has been trained with a large number of digital dermoscopy images of benign and malignant lesions and it is now able to provide an AI score for a lesion which serves as a second opinion for the physician! In the study “Man against machine” (University Hospital of Heidelberg, Holger Haenssle, the FotoFinder algorithm achieved impressively high sensitivity and specificity results and was able to compete with experienced dermatologists. Besides the AI score, a personal second opinion from leading dermatologists can be requested for a small fee. Moleanalyzer pro also evaluates the size, diameter, color, and symmetry of a lesion and offers easy tools for assessment such a 3 Point,7 Point, and ABCD rule

FotoFinder Bodyscan

New and changed lesions at a glance

FotoFinder Bodyscan with AI

The Bodyscan module does more than simply speed up the process of comparing and evaluating total body photographs—it takes it to a new level. When follow-up total body photographs of a patient are saved, the Bodyscan module automatically compares all follow up photos with the corresponding baseline images and tries to identify new and changed lesions. These lesions are indicated with yellow and red circles and quickly marked by the user for dermoscopic evaluation or surgery. Another benefit of the software is the automatic image stitching, which reduces redundant areas and speeds up the review process significantly. 

The bodystudio ATBM® master.

THE FUTURE IS Total Body Dermoscopy!