FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM

Because the goal is not just early detection of skin cancer, but its earliest detection!

The original ATBM® Automated Total Body Mapping procedure revolutionized skin checks through an intelligent combination of automated total body photography and video dermoscopy. Automated total body photography enables a medical provider to create an accurate skin map of a patient in less than five minutes. This set of high-resolution photos is used as reference for follow up skin exams and allows the detection of new and changed moles. The computer-controlled cameras and on-screen templates make it easy to get consistent photos for the most precise comparisons available today.  By comparing baseline and follow up mole mapping photos, the Bodystudio ATBM can automatically identify new lesions and visible changes in existing moles and assist the physician in the detection of skin cancer. Total body photography used to be a challenging and time consuming process. But with Bodystudio ATBM, full body photography can be done in less than five minutes and it does not require any photography skills.  

A whole body photography system

Automated total body mapping can be done in less than five minutes and is easily integrated in any dermatologic practice. The automatic camera lift moves the high-resolution DLSR camera to the right levels and snaps four photos of each side of a patient in quick sequence. These photos are stitched together to eliminate overlapping redundant areas. The whole body view of a patient is used to tag individual lesions for Dermoscopy. Total body photography is repeated at least annually and photos are compared on-screen by the provider. The on-screen comparison of total body photography images is significantly easier and faster, since patient position and lighting is kept consistent. 

Using the "two-step method of digital follow-up" with total body mapping and digital dermoscopy helps diagnosing melanoma and other skin cancers as early as possible. The special video dermoscopy camera Medicam 1000s - Made in Germany at FotoFinder’s headquarters - offers the sharpest images in digital dermoscopy. CrystalView technology shows even more detail in each pixel and better image sharpness in Full HD. The camera provides brilliant dermoscopy images from 20X to 140X magnification with auto focus on every magnification level. It’s detachable lens D-Scope 4 allows high quality clinical imaging, making the Medicam 1000s even more versatile. The D-Scope IV with twin light for polarized dermoscopy and non-polarized dermoscopy, contact and non- contact, is the benchmark for skin microscopy. Powered by FotoFinder Artificial Intelligence (AI), high resolution total body photography together with the Medicam 1000s for digital dermoscopy in up 140x optical magnification make the Bodystudio ATBM the ultimate whole body photography system for not just early but earliest skin cancer detection!


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The „ugly duckling“ is not always visible at a glance

Recent studies show that 72% of all melanomas do not develop from existing nevi, but develop de novo on healthy skin. In order to diagnose these as early as possible, complete prevention must include not only individual moles but the entire skin through an intelligent combination of automated whole body photography and video dermoscopy. This "two-step method of digital follow-up" is the most advanced method for monitoring the skin and is used by opinion leaders worldwide with FotoFinder.



Medicam 1000s

The gold standard for video Dermoscopy

The Medicam 1000s with the new D-Scope IV pushed the benchmark again to a new level. Twin light technology allows polarized Dermoscopy and white light Dermoscopy with the same lens. The intuitive control panel on the back enables the user to toggle between the lighting options and to visualize different structures of skin cancers. Optical magnification from 20x to 140x make it the prime Dermoscopy camera for dermoscopists worldwide. The optional D-scope III lens for super high magnification Dermoscopy offers magnification up to 400x to visualize cellular level.

Moleanalyzer pro®

Artificial Intelligence in Dermoscopy

The new FotoFinder Moleanalyzer pro brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) directly into your practice. In recent years, the neural network of Moleanalyzer pro has been trained with a large number of digital dermoscopy images of benign and malignant lesions and it is now able to provide an AI score for a lesion which serves as a second opinion for the physician! In the study “Man against machine” (University Hospital of Heidelberg, Holger Haenssle, the FotoFinder algorithm achieved impressively high sensitivity and specificity results and was able to compete with experienced dermatologists. Besides the AI score, a personal second opinion from leading dermatologists can be requested for a small fee. Moleanalyzer pro also evaluates the size, diameter, color, and symmetry of a lesion and offers easy tools for assessment such a 3 Point,7 Point, and ABCD rule.


FotoFinder Bodyscan

New and changed moles at a glance

The Bodyscan module does more than simply speed up the process of comparing and evaluating total body photographs—it takes it to a new level. When follow-up total body photographs of a patient are saved, the Bodyscan module automatically compares all follow up photos with the corresponding baseline images and tries to identify new and changed lesions. These lesions are indicated with yellow and red circles and quickly marked by the user for dermoscopic evaluation or surgery. Another benefit of the software is the automatic image stitching, which reduces redundant areas and speeds up the review process significantly.

bodystudio ATBM®.

A revolution in skin cancer prevention

with seamlessly integrated dermoscopy.

System Specifications

A small foot print and true mobility make the Bodystudio ATBM a flexible system that fits in almost any practice.

System Dimensions: Length 30" -  Width 23" (32” with extracted mouse pad) - Height 72" - System weight: 160lbs

System ships assembled; Box Dimensions: L 30" x W 30" x H 76"; Shipment Weight: 220lbs