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Artificial intelligence is still an abstract concept in many areas, but already a reality in skin cancer prevention: The new FotoFinder Moleanalyzer pro brings artificial intelligence (AI) directly into your practice via the optional AI score. Besides the AI score, a personal second opinion from leading dermatologists can be requested for a small fee. Moleanalyzer pro also evaluates the size, diameter, color, and symmetry of a lesion and offers easy tools for assessment such a 3 Point,7 Point, and ABCD rule. Moleanlyzer pro supports the physician whenever it comes to the assessment of atypical lesions.

Artificial Intelligence in Dermoscopy

Moleanalyzer pro works with a deep learning algorithm which is a concept that transfers the human ability to learn from examples and experiences to the computer. Artificial neural networks enable complex machine learning that is similar to biological learning processes. Over the last few years the neural network of Moleanalyzer pro has been trained on a large number of dermoscopic images of confirmed benign or malignant lesions and it is now able to provide a score for a lesion which serves as a second opinion for the physician.

"The question is not "whether" artificial intelligence will take a place in the early detection of skin cancer, but "when" and in what form."

The complete statement of Prof. Dr. med. Holger Hänßle on the future of artificial intelligence in skin cancer prevention can be read here.


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The accompanying study: Man against Machine

The AI score of the Moleanalyzer pro was evaluated by Prof. Dr. med. Holger Hänßle and Dr. med. Christine Fink at the Heidelberg University, Department of Dermatology. The corresponding study "Man against machine" tested the high accuracy of the AI score. Read all about the results of the study and the editorial by Professor Peter Soyer.

Second opinion with the click of a button

Moleanalyzer pro offers also the option to get a second opinion of experienced international dermoscopists. Prof. H. Peter Soyer, Prof. Andreas Blum or Prof. Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof, will give you valuable expert advice for a small fee. All you need is internet access with your FotoFinder and an account in the FotoFinder Hub.

Artificial Intelligence in skin cancer prevention