High Res - Razor sharp

Impressive image quality with up to 13 megapixel resolution for overview and dermoscopy images.

Plug and Play

Just one USB 3.0 port -that's all it takes.

All controls at your finger tips

Intuitive control of camera and software with the buttons on the top of the camera.

Magnetic Lens

Detachable magnetic lens with TwinLight for easy switching between immersion and polarization.

Comfortable and Portable

Handy, powerful and light weight - at just 220 grams!

FotoFinder leviacam

Lightweight design and comfortable handling

The FotoFinder light weight digital dermoscope

Meet the flyweight champion in dermoscopy

Leviacam is the flyweight champion in dermoscopy. The elegant design offers the full FotoFinder experience in the most compact camera. Despite its small size and 220 grams weight, leviacam is a powerful camera solution for overview and micro images with autofocus. The integrated TwinLight LEDs for immersion and polarized dermoscopy and the option to toggle between the modes enable the visualization of different skin lesion structures. 

The Leviacam is not available for sale in Canada.

Simply beautiful. Beautifully simple.

13 million pixels ahead of the competition

Leviacam combines compact size with great performance. We have meticulously worked on the design in order to bring impressive quality into the most beautiful form. The result: 13 mega pixels, 220 grams light. This makes leviacam the star among digital dermatoscopes on the market. The Levia cam is ideal not only for dermoscopy but also Trichoscopy. With the support of TrichoLab you have access to world leading experts for hair loss and you get a comprehensive report about the hair disorder of your patient. 


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FotoFinder leviacam®.

Designed for ultralight brilliance.


Winner of the Red Dot Award

Statement of the Red Dot jury:

„The dermatoscope FotoFinder leviacam scores with its high ergonomics and precise workmanship, which convincingly conveys its value."


The FotoFinder leviacam is a portable solution that provides me with extremely high resolution images. Another great FotoFinder device!

Antonella Tosti, Miami