Setting the Pace in Skin Imaging

Setting the Pace in Skin Imaging

Whether you are using skin imaging in your practice to display before and after photos of treatments or to track changes to moles and lesions, quality is a must. That is why FotoFinder has taken skin imaging to the next level, providing physicians the ability to take quality images without extra expertise or training needed. With special features that take the guesswork out of the imaging process, FotoFinder is setting the pace in skin imaging for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other physicians that regularly use skin imaging in their practice.

More Time with Patients

Our imaging products are automated to save you valuable time that could be spent with your patients, rather than with our devices. The machine does much of the work for you, determining lighting, camera settings and even patient positioning so you can focus on getting quality images quickly and consistently. The devices also allow for anyone in your office to perform your imaging services to increase office efficiency and convenience for your patients.

Create High Performance Images

Because the guesswork is taken out of the imaging process, you can rest assured your images will have the same level of quality every time. When using the technology for before and after photos, you will know your prospective patients are seeing the best examples of your treatments and procedures. When using the imaging for diagnostic purposes, you have peace of mind in knowing the accuracy of our high performance images is unsurpassed, so you can detect even subtle skin changes as quickly as possible.

No Photography Skills Needed

With full automation and step-by-step operating instructions, your staff will not require any special photography skills to get the best images for your practice. Even the FotoFinder medicam 800HD is easy to use, with auto focus for all magnification levels and LED lights to provide full illumination of the imaging area. On the ATBM, the Canon camera even moves up and down automatically to accommodate all of your patients and positioning.

Fully Portable Devices

Everything you need in one portable platform, that’s the beauty of the FotoFinder device. You can take images and use the integrated technology to analyze those images. The wheeled design allows you to move the platform from room to room in your office for the ultimate in patient convenience and practice efficiency.

First Complete Platform for eDermoscopy

The FotoFinder Handyscope allows you to convert your mobile device into a fully functioning dermatoscope that you can carry in your hand. The device can be linked to the FotoFinder Hub web storage platform so you and your patient can have access to the information via a private account. There is also a universal iPad app that allows you to download images to your portable device to make it easy to consult with your patients before procedures.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The FotoFinder platform includes state-of-the-art software, hardware and camera technology to provide you with the highest quality of imaging possible today. In addition, the devices offer the ultimate in automation and user-friendliness so your staff can operate the equipment without excessive training sessions to learn it. This platform will become an essential component in your practice as you use it for diagnostic, education and marketing purposes.

FotoFinder is taking skin imaging to the next level with innovative solutions that work well in any practice. To learn more about our products, contact FotoFinder today at 888-501-0805.