FotoFinder Universe iPad App

Image Access at Your Fingertips

Never before has it been easier to access, edit, and compare patient images from your database. The Universe app used in conjunction with the FotoFinder software and Satellite communication interface technology, allows you to access your before and after photos from an iPad. Viewing, editing and comparison is done in a much more relaxed and casual manner than standing over a patient while images are viewed on a big screen.

The Universe app simplifies the creation of rejuvenation plans by allowing you to set up treatment templates in edit mode and drag them onto a photo. Instead of having to type directly on photos, the app allows you to simultaneously zoom and pan before and after photos, draw on photos, highlight treatment areas, and copyright an image for publication. Additional features include intuitive drawing tools like arrows, lines, highlights, and a black bar feature to hide a patient’s eyes.

The iPad camera is integrated to allow a quick snapshot which will be stored and tagged automatically. Images modified and captured in the FotoFinder Universe app are saved to your database and are never stored on the iPad. Access to the app is password protected for patient privacy.

Use the Universe app to easily show the success of a procedure using side by side comparisons or multiple procedures performed over time, which increases patient satisfaction. Practices can reduce costs by eliminating the need to print images to show patients. Multiple iPads can be used for simultaneous image access.

Outstanding features of the FotoFinder Universe app:

  • Search your FotoFinder patient database
  • Add and edit patients into your database
  • Intuitive drawing tools such as arrows and lines
  • Black bar feature to hide the eyes
  • Highlight treatment areas on the photos
  • Intuitive drag and drop functionality to add personalized treatment texts
  • Image comparison to present outcome of treatments at follow up visits
  • Capture baseline and follow-up photos with the iPad camera and store in FotoFinder
  • Easy preparation of photos for lectures and presentations
  • Drag your copyright signature onto each picture
  • Password protected access
  • No patient photos saved permanently on your iPads

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