FotoFinder Guided Photography™ Feature

The revolutionary break-through for medical photography

Are you an expert in medical photography? Maybe, but probably not all your staff knows the best poses for before and after photos of abdominal lipo. How should the patient hold the arms? Which camera settings should be used? Which views should be photographed? What is the right distance for these photos? There are a lot of questions and possible mistakes that lead to before and after photos which don’t represent the success of your treatments.

Consistent before and after photography – done right – has gotten more important than ever. Non or minimal invasive body sculpting or skin rejuvenation procedures often show the full outcome only after several weeks or months. FotoFinder Guided Photography™ virtual patient shows your staff the treatment-specific patient pose, body area and aspect to be photographed and continues automatically to the next view after the photo is saved. Your photos are automatically tagged with treatment, localization and aspect, making it easy for you to query for specific photos in your database. FotoFinder Guided Photography™ templates were suggested by America’s Leading Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons and can be easily renamed to fit your practice.

The side-by-side comparison of brilliant before and after photos after each session is crucial for client satisfaction and will lead to increased patient driven referrals.