FotoFinder Dermoscope Studio

The Premier Tool for Dermoscopy and Total Body Photography

The All-in-One Imaging Solution for Your Office

FotoFinder Dermoscope Studio is the all-in-one imaging solution for your office. It combines total body mapping, dermoscopy and consistent before and after photography of facial and body contouring treatments. Just slide the camera up and down the stand to capture the best photos from the best angle. FotoFinder software shows how to position the patient, saves all camera settings and restores them for follow-up photos.

The cart features the unique Laser Liner™ for consistent patient positioning at baseline and follow-ups: The laser displays a red line on the floor to show the patient where to position. It also assures consistent distance between camera and patient, even when you move the system from room to room.

Dermoscopy images are taken with FotoFinder Medicam 800HD. Through direct connection of camera and laptop, FotoFinder dermoscope dynamic software controls all camera settings and automatically re-adjusts them for follow-up images. You easily compare baseline and follow-up mole images side-by-side. FotoFinder SmartZoom allows parallel zooming and scrolling photos simultaneously, making the detection of changes in mole structure easy.

Large 4” lockable castors make it convenient to move the system from room to room. Customized mole mapping and procedure reports are printed with quality through the system.

Dimensions: 29″x26″x70″
Shipment Weight (incl box and pallet): 172 lbs