Total Body Photography, Dermoscopy and Before and After Photos of Aesthetic Treatments

FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics

The Automated All-in-One Imaging Solution for your Office

Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics is the All-in-One imaging solution combining automated total body mapping, digital dermoscopy and consistent baseline and follow-up photos of aesthetic treatments for the most precise comparisons available today. The Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics is the top of the line imaging system available and the Aesthetics software and UVscan module makes it the most versatile system for any medical and cosmetic practice.

Fully Automated, No Special Skills Required

The fully automated process with Guided Photography™does not require any special photography skills and guides the user through the entire photography session. The device is easy to learn and use, giving everyone in your office the ability to take the same high-quality photographs that raise your standard of care for your patients.

Bodystudio ATBM Aesthetics comes with all features of the Bodystudio ATBM but is also capable of capturing consistent before and after photo documentation of virtually any aesthetic, medical, or surgical procedure such as injectables, facial rejuvenation, body contouring, skin tightening or leg vein procedures.

The system’s unique Laser Liner for consistent patient baseline positioning and follow-up: the laser projects a red line on the floor to show the patient where to stand. It ensures consistent distance between the camera and the patient, even when you move the system in a different room.

FotoFinder Guided Photography™ is the key to professional and consistent before and after photos. The camera and computer are connected and FotoFinder shows you onscreen how to position the patient and the area to be photographed. The camera moves to the right level by itself taking the guess work out of the photography process. Just point and shoot, it’s that easy. The Guided Photography™ templates can be easily customized for your practice to make them fit for your photography needs.

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