FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM

Total Body Mapping and Dermoscopy Combined

Cutting Edge Technology for a Faster Screening Process

The ATBM’s Bodyscan module does more than simply speed up the process of comparing and evaluating total body images—it takes it to a new level. The system’s software automatically stitches the images of the patient together, reducing review of redundant areas. Once follow-up images of the patient are saved, the Bodyscan ATBM module automatically compares all follow up photos with the corresponding baseline images and tries to identify new and changed lesions. Suspicious lesions are quickly marked by the user for dermoscopic evaluation or surgery.

Precise dermoscopy images are taken with the FotoFinder medicam, which provides magnification from 20X up to 70X. Without any need to touch a keyboard, the system automatically guides the user from one marked lesion to the next one, making the dermoscopy recordings as efficiently as possible.