FotoFinder Mediscope Bodystation

Brilliant Photos of the Face, Body and Legs with Full iPad Integration

The Mobile Photo Studio for Your Practice

Market your practice with the highest quality before and after photos available today, using FotoFinder’s Mediscope Bodystation. With unprecedented precision, you can create before and after images to showcase your services and provide patients with the feedback they are looking for to evaluate the results of their treatments. Our aesthetic imaging system is easy to learn, easy to use and offers consistent quality with every image taken.

FotoFinder Bodystation is the cutting-edge imaging solution for consistent before and after photo documentation of virtually any aesthetic, medical or surgical procedure you might offer. Showcase your injectables, facial rejuvenation, body contouring, skin tightening or leg vein procedures with a complete system that can be effectively used by anyone in your office.

Mediscope Bodystation at a Glance
There are numerous features and benefits you and your staff are sure to enjoy with the Mediscope Bodystation:

  • Produces consistent, high-quality images every time
  • System is easy to learn and use, so everyone in your office can have access
  • Guided Photography templates walk the user through the imaging process
  • Integrated features make it easy to position patients and ensure proper lighting
  • Photos are captured immediately on laptop, printing option is available
  • Photos are automatically tagged with treatment, localization and aspect
  • Proposer feature for skin care and treatment recommendations
  • Reveals sun damage with UVscan and develop treatment recommendations
  • High resolution imagery produces high-quality, consistent photos
  • Universe iPad app allows for full mobility of patient photos in your office

Whether you are using your images to track effectiveness of procedures or to market to prospective patients, FotoFinder’s Mediscope Bodystation has the features you need to take your aesthetic practice to the next level.

Consistency, Quality, Mobility
The system features the unique Laser Liner™ for consistent baseline positioning and follow-up. The laser projects a red line on the floor to show the patient precisely where to stand for imaging so that every photo is a consistent distance between the camera and the patient. The camera is connected to the laptop and FotoFinder shows you on screen how to position the patient and the area to be photographed. Just point and shoot – it’s that easy!

FotoFinder’s Bodystation makes it easy to take consistent images from head to toe. Just slide the camera up and down the stand to take images of all body areas. The camera features stopping points every two inches to make it easy to find the right height and baseline for follow-up visits. The system also includes a photo printer for convenient report printing within the system.

The Mediscope Bodystation is also completely mobile, making it both easy and convenient to use in your own office. Easily move the device from room to room, depending on where you need it next. With a small footprint, just one power cord and no loose cables, it is the only true mobile studio system on the market today. You don’t even need to tote a floor mat with you for the imaging process.

Features of the Mediscope Bodystation
Integrated features with the Mediscope Bodystation ensure consistent imaging and high-quality photos with every use. Notable features include:

Guided Photography
The Guided Photography virtual patient shows users of the system the specific positioning of the patient and the treatment area to get the highest quality images. Once one photo is taken, the system automatically moves to the next positioning sequence, allowing your staff to get all the pictures necessary as quickly as possible. All photos are automatically saved with the treatment, localization and aspect so you can quickly and effortlessly pull up photos in your database later on.

FotoFinder Zoom Ring
The unique FotoFinderZoom ring takes consistent before and after photography to the next level. When taking photos of face or body the focal length (zoom) on the camera lens needs to be adjusted. The FotoFinder ZoomRing is color coded and makes it easy to find the right focal length setting for the best possible picture. The Guided Photography template shows your staff the right setting and the FotoFinder program double checks if the correct setting is used.

UVscan Software Module
Assess the extent of your patient’s sun damage at a glance with the UVscan software module. This component converts digital color photos into monochrome images that reveal sun damage due to intense UV exposure. The scan can be used on any sun-exposed area of the body, including the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. Sun damage, age spots and hyper-pigmentation are dramatically illustrated, allowing you to promote your skin rejuvenation treatments effectively.

Proposer Software Module
Skincare products are an important revenue generator in every aesthetic practice. FotoFinder Proposer boosts your consultations and helps selling more products and treatments making your system even more versatile. Highlight treatment areas on your clients’ photos and select your recommended procedures with simple drag and drop functionality. Choose from your customized product database the best skin care products and print a personalized report in high resolution on glossy photo paper for patient presentation. Who would resist your proposal?

Universe iPad App
FotoFinder’s imaging software is renowned for its optimized imaging workflow and the Universe iPad app literally puts your database at your fingertips. The Universe app allows you to access before and after photos from any iPad in your office for viewing, editing and comparison. Using the Universe iPad is a fantastic, patient-friendly and interactive way to show patient their photos, discuss treatment options and compare results after a procedure. The built in camera feature even allows you to take baseline and follow up photos through the app and save directly into your FotoFinder database.

FotoFinder’s Mediscope Bodystation is taking aesthetic practices to the next level in terms of tracking results and marketing procedures. To learn more about this revolutionary system, contact FotoFinder today at 888-425-1833 or by completing the contact form on the left.

System Specifications:
Dimensions: L 25” x W 22” (32” with extracted mouse pad) x H 70”; Weight: 117lbs


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