Detect and Protect in About 4 Minutes

detect protect in 4 minutes

Full body photography and evaluation may be a necessary process for early cancer detection, but it has also been a cumbersome one – until now. The Bodystudio ATBM from FotoFinder can accomplish the entire job in about four minutes, with greater precision and accuracy than manual methods used in the past. This revolutionary machine has taken skin cancer screenings to the next level, giving physicians an essential tool in the ability to detect changes to lesions faster and more accurately than ever before.

Total Body Images

The Bodystudio ATBM takes about four minutes to take full body images that include:

  • All four sides
  • Palms
  • Soles of the feet

Once the images are taken, the device actually seams the photos together to reduce your view of redundant areas. This saves you time in the diagnostic process while improving your accuracy in comparing specific skin lesions from one assessment to the next.

Unparalleled Precision

Integrated software provides automated comparison of follow-up photos with baseline images to identify lesions that might be new or changing. This allows you to detect changes as early as possible for the best possible prognosis. While the software is considered a support to a full medical diagnosis and not the diagnosis itself, the ability to compare lesion images with unparalleled precision gives your patients the ability to seek less invasive treatments with better potential outcomes.

Guided Photography, No Guesswork

The FotoFinder Guided Photography template guides the user through the image taking process, removing the guesswork of positioning and angles. Simply enter the patient’s height, have the patient stand in the spot designated by the system and the camera will do the rest. The camera’s ability to move up and down automatically to adjust to each patient allows for consistent images in a fraction of the time required to take the same images manually.

Automatic Magnification

The magnification feature of the medicam is also fully automated, allowing you to take photos at 20X-140X magnification without worry over image quality. Simply choose the magnification you want and the camera will automatically adjust and focus to your specifications. Because magnification is an essential tool in many diagnostic procedures, you will find this feature to be invaluable both in terms of efficiency and accuracy in your diagnoses.

All-in-One Platform

All features included in the Bodystudio ATBM are placed into a single platform giving you access to Total Body Mapping, Dermoscopy and even before and after Photography in one single device. All photos can be printed for your patients allowing them to review their photos at home for self examination.

The Bodystudio ATBM takes both the time and the inconsistencies out of the diagnostic process with a fully automated system that takes your patient care to the next level. To learn more about the Bodystudio ATBM, contact FotoFinder today at 888-501-0805.