5 Software Options to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

5 Software Options to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Whether you are operating a busy aesthetics or dermatology practice, you know the right tools make all the difference in the success of your office. FotoFinder also understands the importance of the right tools for every job, which is why we have designed a variety of software option to help you enhance your standard of patient care. With less invasive methods and superior diagnostic capabilities, we have five software options guaranteed to take your practice to the next level.

Dynamole Software

Diagnosis melanoma is largely about identifying structural features and observing changes to current lesions over time. While physicians have methods of measuring lesions and noting their specific appearance and changes, those observations have always been somewhat subjective and vulnerable to human error and misperceptions. Now, Dynamole software allows you to record even the most subtle changes to lesions, giving you the opportunity to diagnose melanomas at an even earlier stage. With precision unattainable through human observation, this software can accurately measure changes in the lesion’s size, structure and color for the most accurate diagnosis possible.


Sun damage increases a person’s risk for skin cancer while accelerating the natural aging process. Now, you can impressively visualize the extent of a patient’s sun damage with UVscan software. This program uses normal color digital photos of the patient and converts them to monochrome images that show skin damage in great detail. The device can be used on the face, neck, chest and the backs of the hands – anywhere that skin has been excessively exposed to the sun’s rays. The software can be used to diagnose sun damage and promote your office’s specific skin rejuvenation systems.

Bodyscan Software

It can be difficult to assess your fair-skinned patients for potential skin cancer with the degree of accuracy and precision required to catch potential malignancies as early as possible. FotoFinder’s Bodyscan software makes that job much easier, with the ability to compare baseline and follow-up images to find new developments of skin lesions or changes to current lesions. When new moles are detected, they can be observed more closely using the integrated magnification system. They can then be marked on the image for specific observation at the patient’s next follow-up appointment.

Universe iPad App

Collecting the data is just part of the equation when it comes to providing the highest level of patient care. The ability to share information with the patient in a comfortable environment can also help to strengthen your patient relations. FotoFinder’s Universe iPad app allows you to access your patient’s photos on any iPad, making it easy for you to share your findings in a comfortable setting in your office. In addition, this app allows for drawing right on images to make your explanations to your patients easier to follow.

FotoFinder Trichoscale

Hair loss is another concern that often brings patients to their dermatologist or plastic surgeon for diagnosis and treatment. In the past, this process meant excessive shaving of the area for biopsy and possible biopsy of scalp tissue as well. Thanks to FotoFinder’s Trichoscale, diagnosing hair loss is less invasive and more accurate than ever, with the ability to get an immediate hair count and density as well as median a cumulative hair shaft diameter for accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

The right software can make all the difference in your practice, making your diagnostics and treatment recommendations more accurate and taking patient care to the next level. To learn more about these software options, contact FotoFinder at 888-501-0805.